ZipBurst, written in C, is a powerful, multi-threaded NoSQL database/search engine with location-based components used to create custom location-based and non-location-based data driven web solutions.

Of note, ZipBurst was licensed by Apple to run the "Where to Buy" feature for US: 2003-2008 and Canada: 2003-2009. It was also licensed 2001-2011 for other uses within Apple.

In addition to the multi-threaded database engine, ZipBurst utilizes two custom progamming languages and interpreters: one to merge database search results with templates for custom reports, and another to enable a microcode-like fine tuning of searches from within the database kernel. Of note is that both languages can embed code of the other to take advantage of their different capabilities.

Database tables / files may be uploaded to the server as static data from other development systems or hosted "live". Live files have the option of being searched by "Database Time-Spanning" or DTS. This permits the database to be modified independent of ongoing queries that may require a consistent view of the data. While not of much use in every day data searches, it offers a researcher unvaried access to a data source that varies over time as well as access to the same data set at different times.

Click here to read the ZipBurst Technical Backgrounder.

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